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Hastings Football Connections Recycling Fundraiser
         April 1st through June 30th, 2014!

The City of Hastings and Tennis Sanitation have teamed up to offer an exciting program designed to involve youth groups to help increase the recycling of mixed papers throughout the community!  HFC will be assigned the recycling container from April 1st through June 30th.  Please help spread the news that HFC will benefit from the collection of your cardboard recyclibles.

How does the program work?
Tennis Sanitation has provided a recycling container that is located in the parking lot at Terry’s Hardware, 375 West 33rd Street. Paper materials, including cardboard, magazines, newspapers, junk mail and box board (cereal, cookie and cracker boxes) can be placed in the recycling container.

Various youth groups are in charge of the program for a block of three months. During this time, the youth group will be expected to monitor the collection box to make sure it stays clean and to get out in the community to help make people aware of the program. 

The 2013 tournament held on Aug 16hth at Hidden Greens Golf Course raised enough money to purchase 15 sets of shoulder pads, 15 footballs, 25 state of the art concussion helmets, and pay half the salary of a part time coach.  Thank you for all you have done for the program, it is sincerly appreciated!!

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The Hastings Football Connections (HFC) is a nonprofit organization of fans and friends interested in football in the Hastings, MN community. The HFC organization focuses on supporting the high school football program, working with the Hastings youth football programs, and strengthening connections within the Hastings community.  We welcome friends and fans to join HFC and offer many volunteer opportunities. 
Thank you for your support of Raiders football!

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Hastings Football Connections